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La revista LLEI D’ART ( mantiene abierta una convocatoria dirigida a todos aquellos que deseen publicar un artículo o incluso llegar a formar parte del equipo de colaboradores externos de una de las publicaciones de arte con mayor índice de audiencia internacional y prestigio dentro del sector.

Una de las más importantes señas de identidad del arte es su gran vinculación y compromiso con todo cuanto tiene que ver con la existencia humana y su resonancia dentro de la sociedad. Es por ello por lo que LLEI D’ART abre una convocatoria para la publicación de artículos, reseñas y críticas sobre temas relacionados con el mundo del arte y las humanidades, con el objeto de fomentar el debate e intercambio de teorías y discursos teóricos que manifiesten la gran evolución que experimenta el pensamiento humano y, por consiguiente, sus diferentes formas de expresión.

La convocatoria está dirigida esencialmente a docentes, especialistas, investigadores y profesionales del campo del arte y las humanidades, así como a estudiantes avanzados de carreras de humanidades.

Los artículos serán evaluados por un comité editorial quien valorará esencialmente la claridad en la transmisión del concepto, la calidad de la aportación y el nivel literario del texto. Deberán ir acompañados de imágenes propias o de sugerencias de imágenes. Toda imagen deberá ir acompañada de su correspondiente copyright si es propia. Las imágenes sugeridas y sujetas a derechos de reproducción sólo acompañarán el artículo si la editorial consigue derechos de copyright. De no ser así, el autor del artículo deberá proponer nuevas imágenes que ilustren el texto.

Todo autor interesado en presentar un texto a LLEI D’ART deberá hacerlo a través de un mail al correo [email protected] o bien vía online a través de la web oficial de LLEI D’ART (

El tema es de libre elección, pero deberá ser original e inédito. Cada artículo deberá ir firmado con el nombre y apellidos de su autor, formación y datos de contacto. Los originales deberán estar escritos en cualquiera de las lenguas vehiculares de LLEI D’ART (español o inglés) y su extensión tendrá un mínimo de 2 y un máximo de 6 páginas, escritas a doble espacio y por una sola cara. Se recomienda ajustarse a la normativa tipográfica editorial. El plazo de admisión de originales está abierto durante todo el año. Todo artículo presentado lleva implícito el compromiso del autor a su posible publicación y la aceptación de bases mediante cumplimentación online del formulario de cesión de derechos de autor para publicación.


LLEI D’ART magazine ( is opening a call for articles aimed at anyone who wishes to publish a text or even become part of a team of collaborators belonging to one of the sector’s most internationally prestigious art publications.

One of the most important keys to the very identity of art is its close links with and commitment to anything relating to human existence and its echo within society. For this very reason, LLEI D’ART is opening a call for articles, reviews and critiques on topics associated with arts and humanities, with the aim of encouraging debate and exchanging theories that make manifest the great evolution human thought is undergoing and the consequent differing forms of expression.

The call for articles is aimed mainly at teachers, specialists, researchers and arts/humanities professionals, as well as students in the latter stages of their humanities degree.

Articles will be evaluated by an editorial committee who will judge the piece’s clarity of message, the quality of the contribution and the literary quality of the text, which should be accompanied by linked images or suggestions of images. All the images should bear the corresponding copyright if appropriate. The images that are suggested and subject to reproduction rights will only appear if the publishers obtain copyright. If this is not possible, the author of the text should propose new images to accompany the text.

Any writer interested in presenting a text to LLEI D’ART should make their interest known via an email to [email protected] or online through LLEI D’ART’s official website (

The topic is open, but it must be original and unpublished. Every article should be accompanied by the signature and initials of its author, as well as their education and contact details. The originals should be written in either of LLEI D’ART’s languages (English or Spanish), and they must be a minimum of two pages long, with a maximum of six, double-spaced on one side only. We recommend the texts adhere to the publisher’s style guidelines. Texts are reviewed throughout the year, and every presented article implies the author’s consent to the possible publishing and to the acceptance of the conditions explained online in the author’s copyright assignment form. 


Art Director of the publication, he is medical doctor as well as Fine Arts Graduate. Painter and sculptor, some of his large-scale sculptures are placed in public spaces. Member of the executive board in the Real Círculo Artístico de Barcelona, he is researcher at the Art Institute from Barcelona, where he collaborates as a instructor as well.


Graduated in Russian and Hispanic Studies from the University of Sheffield, and is studying for a PhD at the University of London with a thesis focussing on the history and present of the Gran Teatro del Liceu, Barcelona’s opera house. Currently based in Barcelona, a city that still fascinates him with its multi-faceted nature, he translates texts from a variety of topics, although his preference is for architecture – both modern and classical, cultural management in Spain and contemporary art and design. 


Senior Curator. Ancient Greece. British Museum (London). He joined the Museum in 1978 from the University of Bristol, where he read ancient Greek with archaeology and ancient history and wrote his PhD thesis on the BM collection history of its Egyptian, Assyrian and Classical sculptures, that was published in 1992. He divides his current research interests between Greek architecture and sculpture and the history of the reception of Classical art and architecture in the modern era. He leads the British Museum’s excavations at Cnidus (Knidos) in south-west Turkey. 


Historian, art critic and professor at the Autonomous University of Barcelona since 1992, focussing a large part of his studies and investigations into art from a sociological perspective. Some of his most important books deal with the art market and he was recently awarded the ACCA (Catalan Art Critics’ Association) prize. In his recent book entitled Galleries in Barcelona, 1877-2012: Discovering, defending and disseminating art, he looks at the history of art in the city of Barcelona


Studied Fine Art at the University of Barcelona, where he currently gives classes in the Department of Drawing. He possesses a solid artistic training and a special talent for drawing. He was given a scholarship by the Fundación Arauco to train with the painter Guillermo Muñoz Vera in Madrid, and graduated in drawing from the Florence Academy of Art, where he currently is at the moment, learning techniques at the altar of the great masters of the 18th century.




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