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Privacy and Terms

General conditions of sale and privacy policy

Recognition and acceptance of general conditions

These general conditions regulate the legal relationship between LLEI D’ART and any consumer of its products or services, hereforth, the Client, who accepts them from the moment that it undertakes the acquisition of any of LLEI D’ART’S services or products via its web page or any other medium.

Privacy policy

So that LLEI D’ART may comply with data protection standards, the Client will provide any required information related to his personal data at the moment of the sale, and in case of any change, must communicate them as soon as possible to LLEI D’ART so that they may be updated. In line with the Organic Law 15/99 of Personal Data Protection the Client is hereby informed that the data that they provide will be incorporated into a file with the aim of managing the products and services contracted and maintaining the client informed of any new products or new information related to LLEI D’ART, who commits to not voluntarily passing on the personal data to third parties. The Client may at any time exercise their rights to access, modification and cancellation of their data (except those subject to fiscal obligation) by sending an email to [email protected].

Subscription or Advertising Contract Procedures

In order to subscribe, place advertisements or to undertake any purchase one must connect to and select the product that you with to acquire. You will then access a Web Form into which you enter the required data and a handwritten or digital signature. Once the document is completed, save it and resend it to [email protected] as an attachment. The Client will receive a reply from LLEI D’ART confirming the correct reception of the document, and if needed, a username and password which will allow them to freely browse the digital content of LLEI D’ART platform.


The prices detailed in each product include VAT. Eventual postage is undertaken via Correos (Spanish Post Office). As the packages are carefully shipped in made-to-measure boxes so as to avoid any damage, they will weigh more than 500 g. Given this, you will likely receive a delivery notice from your local Post Office. The Client has two weeks to collect their package with their identity card. If the package is not collected, it will be returned to LLEI D’ART and the Client is obliged to meet the costs of a second postage. In the case of an error in the postal address due to a change of data in the original form without the Client having previously notified LLEI D’ART of the necessary modification, the second postage costs will also be the responsibility of the Client. The subscriber, either via digital or handwritten signature, authorises LLEI D’ART to renew their subscription automatically when the latter expires according to the amount of the subscription originally chosen. Only in case of changes in the cost will LLEI D’ART previously notify the subscriber so that they may use their right of renewal, change or cancellation during the two weeks following LLEI D’ART’s notification. Should the latter not receive any notifications to this effect during the specified time period, LLEI D’ART will prolong the subscription/advertising period, taking any communicational silence as an acceptance of the modifications. The automatic subscription system can be cancelled by notifying LLEI D’ART via [email protected] a minimum of two weeks beforehand.


To acquire a digital subscription of the magazine, two forms of payment are accepted: credit card (Visa, MasterCard) or domiciliación bancaria (Direct Debit – only for Spanish residents). The purchase of issues of single articles can also be completed via bank transfer. Credit card payments have immediate access to the digital content purchased. All subscriptions will have unlimited access to the web platform for the duration of the subscription period.

Conditions of use of the articles and magazines

LLEI D’ART concedes to the Client a non-exclusive use of the products and services acquired. This Licence implies a single, individual and intransferable access. The maximum number of devices able to access the digital content is three. Access or download from more than three different IP addresses will cause an automatic block of the user code. This licence gives the Client the right to electronically view the articles or publications requested and the right to electronically copy or print out the content, provided it is not for their private use. All the content included in LLEI D’ART articles and magazine are subject to LLEI D’ART’s and its authors’ intellectual property rights. The access to the aforementioned content by the Client in no way implies any kind of renouncing, transferral or partial or total cession of those rights, nor confers any type of rights of use, alteration, exploitation, reproduction, distribution or public communication on the aforementioned content apart from those expressly named in these general conditions without the previous and express authorisation given to this end by LLEI D’ART. The tampering of any of LLEI D’ART content is absolutely prohibited as well as its inclusion on any privately- or publically-accessed database, and LLEI D’ART reserves the right to supervise the use made by the Client of the content.


Ownership /com/org/info are all internet domains belonging to M. Luisa Noriega Montiel, editor of LLEI D’ART (Pau Casals, 10. 25110 Alpicat – Lleida. Phone +34 973 738 056). LLEI D'ART is a trade mark registered by the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (OEPM)

Intellectual property

All of the website content, texts, graphics, images, its design and intellectual property rights that may correspond to the aforementioned content, as well as the branding, commercial names and any other distinctive signage are the property of LLEI D’ART or of its legitimate owners, with all rights thereon reserved.

Any act of total or partial reproduction of the content in any way or medium (mechanical, electronic, reprographic or any other type) is strictly prohibited, as well as any act of dissemination, public communication or distribution without the previous written authorisation of LLEI D’ART or its legitimate owners.

According to the articles 8 and 32.1, second paragraph, of the Intellectual Property Law, the reproduction, distribution and public communication, including the publication and making available of the whole or part of the content of this website for commercials ends by any means or by any technical medium are expressly prohibited without the express authorisation of LLEI D’ART.

Content access

Access to LLEI D’ART’s content website and the use that may be made of the information it contains are the sole responsibility of the user. LLEI D’ART will not assume any responsibility for any consequent damage that may derive from the use of this website or its content, including software damage and viruses, with the exception of all those actions that result from the legal dispositions that must be followed in the strict exercising of its powers.

LLEI D’ART cannot guarantee that there are no errata in its web content. In the case any are discovered, LLEI D’ART will publish an errata sheet and corrections to rectify the mistake as soon as possible.

Occasionally LLEI D’ART reserves the right to delete or suspend the dissemination of the website, either totally or partially, as well as modifying its structures or content without previous notice in order to maintain its quality.

Website use

The responsibility for using the website rests with the user. If it were necessary to undertake some kind of search to access specific website content, the user will be responsible for providing licit and truthful data. In this process, the user will be provided with a name and a password that they will make careful and confidential use of, committing themselves to not using the information contained in illicit or illegal actions, or those that go against good faith or copyright; spreading racist, xenophobic, pornographic, or terrorist propaganda, or otherwise infringing human rights or damaging LLEI D’ART or any of its collaborators and legitimate owners by any system or procedure likely to produce damage of any nature. LLEI D’ART reserves the right to remove commentaries and contributions of an offensive nature that may damage any person’s or institutions respect or dignity, and as such are removed from the main objective of this publication and platform, which is none other than the publication of cultural content from a viewpoint of respect and knowledge. In any case, LLEI D’ART does not accept responsibility for the opinions expressed by users via the networks available or any other participatory tool available both in the present and in the future.

Use of Cookies

In regard to the use of cookies, LLEI D’ART informs the user that when they browse through the different screens and pages of this website, we use cookies. Cookies are a small text archive that the server can store on a computer’s hard disk that contain information about the user. Cookies can only be read by the website that sent them to the computer. They are not executable files, and cannot spread not have a virus. LLEI D’ART uses this data with the aim of improving its services. The information that is stored in this manner allows us to recognise the user on their visits to the webpage, as well as giving us information about the time of the visit, as well as measuring some traffic parameters within the website, estimate the number of visits, thus allowing LLEI D’ART to report, focus and readjust the services it offers in a more effective manner. The cookies used are stored on the user’s disk drive but their content cannot be read, nor can the content of cookies created by other providers be read. The cookies used are neither invasive nor harmful, and can be deactivated through your browser’s options. 

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