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    Belgiquepour ses découvertes relatives à l'immunité. cialis Schack August Steenberg Krogh Danemarkpour sa découverte de la régulation du mécanisme du moteur capillaire (ayant montré que les échanges gazeux pulmonaires sont régis par la simple diffusion). Archibald Vivian Hill Otto Fritz Meyerhof Royaume-Uni de Grande-Bretagne et d'Irlande Allemagnepour sa découverte relative à la production de chaleur dans le muscle pour sa découverte de la relation fixe entre la consommation d'oxygène et le métabolisme de l'acide lactique dans le muscle.

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What is Llei d'Art?

LLEI D’ART is an office dedicated to the international promotion of art in its widest, most universal concept. It defends excellence, and advocates hard work and talent in a common effort and purpose: beauty in all its forms.

From its freedom of choice and criteria, LLEI D’ART perseveres in the search for and recognition of artists throughout time that have left their imprint on humanity through their creations and discourses.

To fulfil this aim, LLEI D’ART:

  • Publishes a specialised semesterly publication to be used as a reference and space for dialogue so that all art professionals may share the fruit of their investigations and thoughts. It is a platform on which to contrast opinions and ascertain information. More information
  • Broadcasts all its material in Spanish and English, so as to circulate its content internationally. More information.
  • Can be found at some of the world’s most important art fairs and platforms in order to focus their objective on the most revelant audience. In this way, to feature in the pages of LLEI D’ART is to be in the premier division of the art world. Simple as that.
  • Is a nexus for connections between artists, collectors, institutions and professionals from the world of fine arts and humanities.
  • Specially promotes their leading artists, almost all of whom are up-and-coming, spreading timely information about their work and worth to those people who can really channel it. More information.

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